About Us

Welcome to all of you on this New Ringtones web site. This web site has been created to help people and increase their knowledge.

Which topic or niche is this website on?

In this web site, you will be given movies and entertainment related material. Apart from this, you will also be given news of some dangerous incidents happening in the entertainment industry every day.

You also know that in today’s era everyone is spreading fake news. But the right and fastest news will be given to you here.

What is the purpose of creating this web site?

The main objective of our web site is to deliver the right news and information in the entertainment industry to the people and to protect them from fake news.

How many people are there to manage this web site?

We currently have 5 members in our team to manage the New Ringtones site. The work of all these is different.

We publish all the news happening in a day on the web site after seeing it everywhere and researching it thoroughly. That is why we publish a little late news as compared to other web sites.


New Ringtones does not have any affiliation with any government or private company. Along with this, we do not have any other site.

Apart from us, if you find any information with the same name on the internet, then definitely check it first.

If any of our visitors have any problem with any post or content of web site then immediately contact us at below mentioned email address. We will try to take action on that post or content as soon as possible.

Apart from this, if you want to post a sponsored post on our site, you can also contact us on this email.

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