5 Way To Make Any Exercise Harder

Say you’ve hit a bit of a plateau with your workouts, you’re just not feeling certain exercises anymore or you’re not able to get to the gym as often…because….life…so need to make everything count. Here’s 5 way to instantly increase your output, intensity and improve results by challenging yourself more!

  1. 3 Second Negatives
    Slow the descent of your lifts down, increase the time the muscle is under tension and feel the burn. When you start to do 3 second negatives (lowering slowly), you’ll actually create more muscle tears, resulting in better strength, muscle building and total control of any exercise. Don’t underestimate how good this technique is…form is everything for progress!
  2. Drop Sets
    Immediately after you’ve done all your reps, lower the weight and jump straight back in without rest for another set of reps. This will massively increase the time under tension on your muscles, the burn is like nothing else, you’ll sweat bucket loads and build some awesome lean muscle. Perform as many ‘drops’ as needed for greater intensity.
  3. Dead Stops
    Stopping and pausing at full stretch of your exercise for 2–3 seconds then exploding back into the rep is not only a great way to tax your muscles even harder, but this method is a great way to improve your strength as you’re teaching your body to hold, control and stabilise under timed load. Try dead stops on a leg press (holding at the bottom of the press) to see what it’s all about!
  4. Uni-Lateral Work
    Think certain exercises burn, hurt, really push you? Try doing them one limb at a time. Take leg extension, after repping out with both legs for 10 reps, try going straight in to single legs for another 10 reps each leg. One almighty burn and huge intensity. This is also a great way to ensure total body balance and symmetry from muscle to muscle, so if you have any imbalances…try this out.
  5. Timed Finishers
    Done all your sets? Try doing one final lighter set, but time yourself for say, 60 seconds…and do as many reps as you physically can within the time frame. This will push you to failure and end a workout the way it should feel…intense! This is a form of metabolic conditioning, which is great for fat loss, endurance and improving the pump.

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